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Anametrix Establishes Expert Advisory Board and Attracts New Private Investors
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 09:39

Anametrix Establishes Expert Advisory Board and 
Attracts New Private Investors

Michael Robertson, Fred Bourgeois, Neil Senturia, Alain Schreiber, M.D., Eric Otterson, Laurent Asscher, and Gavin Mandelbaum 
Support InstaVista Cloud-Based Web and Business Analytics Solutions

SAN DIEGO – August 18, 2010Anametrix (http://anametrix.com), the leader in cloud-based business analytics technology, has established a Board of Advisors to offer strategic oversight and guide the company’s rapid growth.  The first five members are Michael Robertson - technology entrepreneur of MP3.com and Gizmo5 fame, Fred Bourgeois - founder of six technology companies and “Team FREDNET” participant in the Google Lunar X-Prize, Neil Senturia - a serial entrepreneur and venture capital backer, Eric Otterson - a business development specialist who serves on many boards, and Gavin Mandelbaum - an Internet and eCommerce expert who sold four premier web companies.

“The Anametrix advisory board is filled with bold visionaries with breakthrough accomplishments,” stated Blaise Barrelet, Anametrix CEO.  “Michael Robertson, Fred Bourgeois, Neil Senturia, Eric Otterson, and Gavin Mandelbaum - they know what is required to define an industry and transform business practices. We are extraordinarily blessed by the invaluable addition of these intellectual icons to help build our $B company.”  Barrelet added, “Anametrix is also fortunate to welcome two new Directors of the Board, Alain Schreiber, M.D. and Laurent Asscher, whose strategic personal investments and experience will accelerate further corporate growth.”

Raising more than $100 million in private capital and orchestrating transactions with a combined value of nearly a billion dollars over the course of his career, Michael Robertson is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who founded MP3.com (the largest Internet IPO of all time and eventually sold to world’s largest music company Vivendi / Universal), Linspire (sold to Xandros Corporation), and Gizmo5 (acquired by Google).

Acclaimed scientist and speaker, Fred J. Bourgeois, III is founder or co-founder of six high-tech companies in fields ranging from software development, networking, security, robotics, and most recently space exploration technologies. As the leader of “Team FREDNET”, he is developing a robotic Lunar mission with over 600 volunteers from 63 countries on six continents in pursuit of the Google Lunar X Prize. Bourgeois states, “Blaise Barrelet has a catch phrase, ‘Build with your dreams, not with your means’ that is the driving sentiment of his many successes.  He has set out to make Anametrix a $B company, and I am excited to help pilot this mission.”

With more than 25 years of diverse entrepreneurial endeavors, Neil Senturia is currently the CEO of Blackbird Ventures.  His background ranges from developing over 1.8 million square feet of residential and commercial building space to screen writing for popular television sitcoms. He also founded multiple software companies; most notably, Atcom/Info, which pioneered high-speed Internet access in hotel rooms and was sold for $80 million. Other companies were sold to Lockheed Martin and to Kofax.  Senturia states, “Anametrix provides a powerful service -- gathering disparate data feeds into one dashboard so rational decisions can be made -- now that is a platform which solves a significant business problem.”

Eric Otterson is Vice President of Business Development at Cooley LLP, bringing business oriented legal solutions to publicly traded, middle market and emerging growth companies in Southern California.  In his career, he has lead the implementation and relationship teams for clients such as Fiserv, Countrywide, AT&T, and British Telecom.  Otterson states, “The WebSideStory key players have come back together to build another exciting business.  Serial entrepreneurs are critical to the continued growth of San Diego’s vibrant technology sector, and I am thrilled to support Blaise and the team in driving Anametrix’s growth.”

A pioneer of eCommerce, Gavin Mandelbaum is recognized as one of today’s Internet leaders in terms of innovation and profitable practical deployment.  He founded iBaby(acquired by iVillage) and iHome.com (acquired by the original Linens 'n Things) and co-founded BabyCenter.com (acquired by eToys and later by Johnson & Johnson) and iMaternity.com (acquired by Destination Maternity). Mandelbaum states, “Executives must make better use of company data. The promise of the InstaVista™ analytics platform is that business decision making becomes more efficient, more transparent, and more accountable.”

Dr. Alain Schreiber is a Managing Partner at ProQuest Investments, a leading venture capital firm in the Healthcare industry.  He has previously served on the Board of Directors of ActivX Biosciences (sold to Kyorin), BioRexis Pharmaceutical Corp. (sold to Pfizer), Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals (sold to Pharmion/Celgene), Cadence Pharmaceuticals, Conforma Therapeutics (sold to Biogen Idec), LEAD Therapeutics (sold to Biomarin), Optimer Pharmaceuticals and Somalogic. Schreiber states, “I feel privileged to personally invest in Anametrix, which is transforming the emerging field of cloud based business analytics.”

Currently serving on the board of directors of several technology companies, Laurent Asscher is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Airtek Capital Group, a private equity investment firm based in Brussels, Belgium.  He has also served as General Manager of Apollo Invest, a private equity investment firm based in Paris, France.  Assher will introduce Anametrix to many European Fortune-like companies; he states, “Anametrix offers breakthrough technology in the real-time web and business analytics market by providing a cloud-based solution that is adaptable, scalable, and affordable.  The quality team members are poised to make Anametrix a major player.”

About Anametrix, Inc.
Anametrix, Inc. is a privately funded next generation business analytics company whose InstaVista solution is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS).  A high-performance data management infrastructure handles data integration, statistical analysis, and other compute-intensive functions to seamlessly manage online, offline, and multi-channel corporate objectives.  Founded in 2009 by analytics industry expert Blaise Barrelet, Anametrix provides cloud-based solutions that allow for quick and precise decision making from the correlation of vast amounts of data including web analytics, social media, search engine marketing (SEM), video & audio, e-mail campaigns, market research surveys, customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Self-directed business insights are readily accessible across organizations, from sales staff to C-level.  For more information, please visit http://anametrix.com, call (858)558-8230 x333 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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