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First Press Release

MEDIA RELEASE: AP Newswire: 2007/09/28

Fred J. Bourgeois, III, President and CEO of Applios Inc. announced today that Team FREDNET will reach the Moon in 2012!  The Lunar X Project sets the stage for all the great minds to put their heads together, think outside the box, and build the robot that will accomplish the goal.  Team FREDNET is positioned globally to accomplish the objective, and with a personal incentive for reaching this goal.

The principal researcher and team leader, Fred J. Bourgeois, III was born in Waveland, MS.  What does this have to do with the Lunar X project?  We all know the effects of the Moon on weather: droughts, thunderstorms, hurricanes like Katrina. Hurricane Katrina wiped Waveland, MS off the map; Fred's ancestral home and city as he remembered gone.  So he and his team know the importance of landing on the Moon to further our information about how the Moon affects all of us and to continue space exploration looking for answers to save the Earth.

TEAM FREDNET is accepting resumes from experienced professionalpersons with experience in launching, landing as well as all aspects of the engineering challenges posed by pursuing the $20 million Google Lunar X Prize. TEAM FREDNET expects to be the first TEAM landing the first independent off-planet exploration machine on the moon. Prize contributors are the X Prize Foundation with funding from Google. Fred Bourgeois, III is leading TEAM FREDNET.

After completing his work at Tulane University in Computer Science which included studies in math, physics, engineering and music he joined the Computer Science faculty at the University of Minnesota.  He has now worked in academia, the defense and aerospace industries, and commercial enterprises for over 20 years.  Bourgeois' clients and past employers include the scientific community in Huntsville, AL at NASA/MSFC, BDM, NASA/JPL in Pasadena CA, Lockheed Martin, Loral Aerospace, the University of Minnesota, San Jose State University, Tulane University, Resilience, Applios, MetaWare, Sun Micro, NEC, FusionOne, PolySecure Systems, VLSI (now Philips), Eaton IMSD (now GE), Triad Microsystems, De La Rue-Giori, Transmeta, Perennial, Exodus Communications, and many more.  He has also worked with foreign governments and understands the importance of all people working toward further space exploration for the good of all mankind.

TEAM FREDNET envisions this team as one that would provide an opportunity for all the talented developers, engineers, individual scientists and visionaries to showcase their individual talents outside a corporate framework. Corporate Sponsorships would also have an opportunity to have their logo listed in the data stream after the principal investigators.  Corporate sponsors would be listed with their names and logos in the first interplanetary email, in partial fulfillment of Google's requirements to win the Lunar X Prize.

TEAM FREDNET has unique ideas for the Google Lunar X Prize.  First and foremost, this is the first and only open source competitor for the prize.  Other ideas include rewarding sponsors with opportunities to participate in live lunar exploration; to provide web hosting on the team's lunar-based web server complete with live snapshots of lunar scenery; to allow earth-based drivers to send commands to the robot; reality television shows; naming projects; new toys; internships established for K-16 stimulating more interest in the STEM disciplines for all students but especially minority students.  All this and more possibilities are being developed by TEAM FREDNET in the race for the Google Lunar X Prize.

This is a meritocracy in which all are invited to participate, and it is the engineering project of a lifetime.  The Team currently includes members from California, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, and Michigan, and is actively seeking qualified individuals nationally and internationally.  Ultimately we will also need participants from all over the globe to ensure an adequate communications system for receipt and transmission of data between the Earth and the Moon.





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