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Most of our Team Volunteers originallly got started with Team FREDNET by joining our original Forum.  We've shifted all content from the Forum to our Program Wikis, and also recently changed the method for registration, but these simple instructions are all you need to get involved.  Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. First, send an email to Signup Email Address telling our New User Manager your Country of Residence, Areas of Interest, and your Preferred Username for one of our program wikis.
  2. You should receive a reply within 24-48 hours confirming your username and providing you with an initial password.
  3. Go to the URL listed in the email, and login with the provided username / password.
  4. Change your password to something secure that you can remember.
  5. Create your personal userpage in the wiki (edit User:your_user_name) to let everyone know a little about you, and then have a look at the Getting_Started article for ideas about where to get involved.
Many areas of our wikis can be browsed by all volunteers, but only registered users are allowed to post relevant content.


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