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 "Going to the Moon isn't something that should be strictly the domain of governments.  It's something that needs to be open to the people because a free people demand a new frontier; we need to have some place we can go. Right now, there aren't many new places we can go on Earth.  So we have to open up that [space] frontier and make it available to the rest of the world, that is to all of us [the people] as opposed to the governments that are over us."

Fred Bourgeois on Evadot Podcast #47

  • Open Space Society Announces Capability for Commercial Payload Launch to Earth Orbit, Press Release, 2013/02/28.
  • Xconomy.com In Google's Moon Race, Teams---And X Prize Foundation---Face a Reckoning, Wade Rousch, 2012/04/18.
  • Princeton Alumni Weekly Fly me to the moon, Kenneth Chang, 2012/02/08.
  • Space on MSNBC.com Teams shoot for the moon.
  • Team FREDNET Ad Lunam Campaign 2012: Do you Want To Change The World?  2012/01/12.
  • Examiner.com, From riding a little red tractor in MS to remotely driving a robot on the moon, 201112/15.
  • San Francisco Chronicle, Google & NASA work together on Space Exploration, James Temple, 2011/11/16.
  • Evadot, Evadot Podcast #47 - An interview with Team FREDNET, MIchael Doornbos,Press Release, 2010/10/27.
  • NASA Awards Contract to Team FREDNET, Google Lunar X PRIZE Contender, Press Release, 2010/10/21.
  • CEO of Team FREDNET joins Anametrix Advisory Board, Press Release, 2010/08/18.
  • Team FREDNET, Air and Space Education Consortium Partnership, Press Release, 2010/07/19.
  • New Scientist, Rovers rev up for Google's moonshot jackpot (with Image Gallery), Lisa Grossman, 2009/08/11.
  • The Space Show, Team FREDNET on the Space Show for the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Dr. David Livingston, 2009/07/20.
  • Evadot, Evadot Podcast #4 - An interview with Team FREDNET, MIchael Doornbos, 2009/07/01.
  • Asia Times Online, Lunar Prize Sets Asian Hearts Racing, Peter J. Brown, 2009/04/03.
  • John Fowler of KTVU Fox 2 (Oakland, CA) interview with Fred Bourgeois, 2009/03/22.
  • Control Engineering Magazine, Two Wheel Robot Shoots for the Moon, 2009/01/20.
  • Technovelgy, JALURO Lunar Robot - 2-Wheeled Open Source
  • Linux DevicesOpen Source Project Races to the Moon, (Front Page) 2008/12/18
  • Robocon Magazine #58 (Japan), 2008/07/01
  • Popular Mechanics, Meet the First 10 Teams in the Google Lunar X Prize, June 2008.
  • Popular Mechanics, Debating NASA vs. DIY Rocketeers, Lunar Real Estate and the Open-Source X Prize: My Own Private Space PODCAST, Matt Sullivan, 2008/05/12.

  • Euronews Feature on Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit, 2008/05/18.
  • James Smith, Interview by Moshe Tamssot of Kraft Foods, 2008/05/04.
  • Control Engineering, 2008/04/01
  • National Public RadioThe Bryant Park Project, aired Thursday, 2008/02/28.
  • Wired, 2008/02/26
  • The New York Times, 2008/02/22
  • The San Jose Mercury News, 2008/02/22
  • The San Francisco Chronicle, 2008/02/22
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2008/02/22
  • The Register, 2008/02/22
  • ITWire, 2008/02/24
  • RedOrbit, 2008/02/24
  • The Daily Tech, 2008/02/22
  • International Herald Tribune, 2008/02/22

  • Space.com, 2008/02/21
  • Google Lunar X PRIZE Announcement, 2008/02/21

  • Space Fellowship's Interview with Team FREDNET.

  • See CNBC Reporter Jane Wells' excellent Interview Moon Men: Vying for Google's $20 Million Astro-Prize, which aired on Friday, 2007/12/28.

  • Read the news about Team FREDNET from Control Engineering, 2007/11/09. 
  • Team FREDNET Board Appoints Chief Operating Officer, Press Release, 2010/11/09.




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