The Open Space Society (Team FREDNET) (OSS and TFX) provides Space Exploration opportunities in many forms to a diverse base of individuals, corporations, universities, K-12 schools, government space agencies, research institutes, as well as both public & private research investigators.

The Open Space Society (Team FREDNET) is going to the Moon, the Engineering Project of a Lifetime!

The Open Space Society (Team FREDNET) is a group of scientists, technologists, and engineers who are using their combined talents to create a timely and elegant solution to win the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

The Open Space Society (Team FREDNET): the First and Only 100% Open Source Competitor for the Google Lunar X Prize.

         The Open Space Society (Team FREDNET) is a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit business, OSS acts in its capacity as a research and education foundation to foster advanced Space Exploration beyond public sector (government) funding.  Our sponsor, partner, and your contributor donations make our work possible.

OSS current space exploration projects include two robotic Lunar Missions (LM0 and LM1) in development, and multiple Earth Orbital (EO) prototype, research, instrumentation, and educational missions.  Additionally, OSS supports Open Space Technology Development through ongoing targetted participatory development communities.

OSS LM0 and LM1 will provide high bandwidth communications between Moon (Luna) and Earth to support high-volume data as well as high definition, full-motion video and audio results from robotic systems deployed to the Lunar surface and into Lunar orbit.

OSS EO missions provide access to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for researchers using lower-cost higher-availability small satellite launch systems in partnership with a major launch provider.  Each EO mission may provide up to 100 Cube Sat units (depending on user configurations and other launch system constraints).  EO missions for anyone create a lower cost onramp to real space environmental conditions and resources previously available only from government space agencies and major corporations.


    "Going to the Moon isn't something that should be strictly the domain of governments.  It's something that needs to be open to the people because a free people demand a new frontier; we need to have some place we can go. Right now, there aren't many new places we can go on Earth.  So we have to open up that [space] frontier and make it available to the rest of the world, that is to all of us [the people] as opposed to the governments that are over us."

Fred Bourgeois on Evadot Podcast #47

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Mission Fulfillment Partners

Mission Fulfillment Partners

We need YOU to help get us to the Moon!

Financial support for this adventure is being provided by:

Applios Inc -- Applied Open Source Technologies - Software & Systems Development Experts

Commercial and Educational Partners

Partner-level support through provision of equipment and facilities is being provided by:

Hurricane Electric Internet Services

Anametrix - The Leader in Business Analytics


Elphel Inc.



Solaris Design

Robot Club of Traverse City - Devoted to the Exploration of Robotics.


All partners will have their names and/or logos prominently displayed here - and on the Moon, of course.
Drop us an e-mail at   Signup Email Address   if you would like to become a part of history.



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